What a Weekend!!

The Filthy Fifty Prelims 

The Filthy Fifty Preliminary round showcased some amazing performances and a rocking DJ! Each and every competitor worked hard and stepped up their game. For most of you, it was clear where the Filthy Fifty got its name. This is a WOD that takes strength, endurance, determination, perseverance, and even a little bit of humility. It can put a crack in even the toughest CrossFitter’s armor. Congratulations to all of the CrossFit Scottsdale competition “rookies”.  You all worked hard and never gave up. As coaches we are proud of each and every one of you and the effort you put forth on Friday Night.

 The Filthy Fifty Finals will be held at 6 pm on the 25th of February. That means that everyone has less than 6 weeks to prepare. You all know where you struggled most and have plenty of time to make improvements. Keep the armor intact around your strengths and build it up around your weaknesses and we should see one heck of a final round of Competition.

 The Hammer

 On Saturday we had 19 people from CrossFit Scottsdale who traveled to Peoria to compete in the Hammer. It was a great event and a lot of fun. Congratulations to Hallie, Frank, Doc Vella, Goldie, Stu, Amanda, Keith, Mike, Brandon Nee, Zack, Carl P., and Peyton on your first official CrossFit Competition. Congratulations to Peyton, Coach Tiffany, and Coach Luke for placing in the top five of all competitors in the advanced category, and a special congratulations to Mel who won the Women’s competition by a landslide. For all results checkout the “Hammer”

 Level 1 Certification

 CrossFit Scottsdale hosted the Level 1 Certification for CrossFit HQ this weekend. Almost 60 people came from all around to be able to learn from some of the best trainers out there. It was a special weekend as they got to learn from some of the top games competitors including Chris Spealler, Jason Khalipa, and Lisa Ray. Congratulations to Noah, Jenn D., Jedi, and Don who are now CrossFit Level 1 certified.

 PF Changs Marathon

 Congratulations to Bob Vossoughi and Mark Lutz, Peter Mc Sorleyand Sonya Bladow who ran in the PF Changs Marathon on Sunday. It is quite an accomplishment and we are proud of the work you put in to make it through. Congratulations to all of athletes who ran in the race.

 Farmers Market At City North

 The Farmers Market at City North on Sunday was a huge success. Our goal was to jump start people’s awareness of fitness in the month of January. We ran one class in which our CrossFit Scottsdale girls were able to showcase exactly what we are all about and what makes our program so unique. The real fun came from the CrossFit Kids obstacle course that was run by Coach Tiffany and Coach Erin of our CrossFit heroes program. Over 50 kids went through the course and turned in some great times. These kids will be the future of CrossFit, fitness, and sports. Great Work! Thanks to Laura, Amanda, Hallie and Erin for all of your help, Alison for always showing her support and Myrna for coming out to show us how its done.