Success Despite Injury

 Athletes know that injury is a part of the game. The goal is always to prevent injury but sometimes it is unavoidable.  As crossfitters we have entered this athletic world and have started demanding more out of ourselves, more out of our bodies.  The pay-off is HUGE…RESULTS!  We feel better, look better and can do things we never thought we would be able to do.  We are fitter and prepared for the unknown, prepared for life. So what happens when we do get injured?  What can we do to speed recovery, to keep up our strength and conditioning? 

 Here is Bob’s story.  Bob has been with CrossFit Scottsdale since it’s beginning.  He has lost over 90lbs and become a force to be reckoned with in class.  Here is his journey through shoulder surgery….

To WOD or Not To WOD?????

As many of you know I suffered through an injured shoulder for many months. A little over 3 months ago I decided to have surgery to repair a torn Rotator Cuff and a torn Labrum…fun!!! I picked one of the top shoulder surgeons in Phoenix and was at ease with the surgery and recovery.  What I wasn’t at ease with was the expected time away from CrossFit Scottsdale.  I was told by my surgeon that the “normal” recovery time for my type of repair was 6-8 months!!!! But, as most of us CrossFit Scottsdale kool-aid-drinkers know, there is nothing “normal” about us that Crossfit! We are different, we are tougher than the “normal” person…

Three days after surgery coach Luke paid me a visit at my home.  He was just “checking” on me, but the visit meant a lot more to me.  Luke and all the coaches were truly concerned for me and my eventual recovery and return to CrossFit Scottsdale … I was almost in tears as I sat there with coach.  The realization that I would not be able to attend classes for quite some time had finally hit me. It was VERY hard to accept.

I decided to rehab as hard as I could.  Endure as much pain as I could at P.T. (and believe me I have endured a lot of pain at P.T.), with my #1 goal being a healthy return to CrossFit Scottsdale. My therapist and surgeon both thought I could

be back at CrossFit Scottsdale in 6-7 months. I decided that this time frame just wouldn’t work for me! At the insistence of the CrossFit Scottsdale coaches

I returned to class one time per week for 2 weeks, then 3 times per week the last few weeks. My return has meant the world to me!!My P.T. sessions are going much better, my sleeping has improved, and the pain in my repaired shoulder has improved. I am totally convinced it is because I am back with you all at CrossFit Scottsdale!!!!! I am way ahead of schedule in my recovery.  My therapist

says that I am one tough S.O.B. and can endure more pain than he has ever seen. I know it is because of CrossFit Scottsdale!!!

I would advise anyone that is injured to get into class, do a scaled WOD, be in the environment, sweat again, be sore!!! I could hardly walk after the first 2 WODs the coaches prepared for me and boy did it feel great!!! Just remember that all of us that Crossfit are a different breed. We are tougher than the average person. Use this

to your advantage if you are injured.  I know in my heart that it will speed up your recovery as it has mine!!! It is truly a joy to be back amongst all of you guys and I want to thank you all for your concern and support.

Your friend and fellow Crossfitter… Bob Hisle

The moral of the story… Do everything you can to prevent injury.  Mobility, stretching, proper FORM in all your movements, eat clean, take your fish oil and listen to your coaches.  Know the difference between sore and injured.  If something doesn’t feel right, listen to your body and see someone for help.  Let your coach know.  Unless you are in a full body cast we can modify and create a WOD that will allow you to continue your strength and conditioning & recover faster and continue to be on the CROSSFIT SCOTTSDALE TEAM.