Road to Regionals…

2011 CrossFit Games:

With the New Year come new goals and new dreams at CrossFit Scottsdale. For a select few… competing in CrossFit is the goal and winning is the dream. Last year’s CrossFit Scottsdale Team developed 3 Regional qualifiers and over 10 competitors from the Arizona/San Diego sectionals. In its 5th year the 2011 CrossFit Games will be even bigger than before. With over 15,000 athletes worldwide fighting for 50 male and 50 female spots at the Games the format will be a little different this year.

For Individual Competitors, the Open Sectionals will begin in early March and go through mid April. Each week, there will be an event to complete. You’ll be able to perform it anywhere. Each performance needs to be validated, either through a video submission or by a registered CrossFit affiliate. More info to come soon. H.Q.So what does this mean for us? Work hard, stay healthy and continue to train at the highest levels of fitness possible. Never give up, make excuses or say you can’t. Get uncomfortable and lift large loads, long distance and quickly.

What if I just want to do CrossFit and not compete? DON’T not everyone does. Become part of our cheer squad, show your team spirit and wear your colors (black & yellow) with pride.  Most students don’t think about competing till they try it in a challenge or a local competition like The Hammer. Then it just happens, you get the BUZZ and BAM your sitting by your ipad weighting online to register for the Winter Open in Tucson. But for a select few this is what we train for. Why we work so hard and how we prove our dedication, desire and overall fitness as the best on the planet.

How do I start? You already have. You gave up bicep curls for pull ups, leg extensions for squats and South Beach for Paleo. Slow down and stop trying to add weight before you have learned mechanics, consistency, and then, intensity. Do your homework (foam roll, oh squats, pass through) and come to class Fridays at 4:30pm for our competitors Olympic lifting class. The only prerequisite is you’re Level I band and the attitude to WIN.


 “I do not have respect for quitters or the patience for excuses. I only want the people in my gym who want to be here and want to WIN. I may wear my heart on my sleeve and my passion on my face,  just know that I will never leave your side” Coach Luke Kayyem