Paleo Works!

Your New Year’s Resolution might be to lose weight, exercise more or to get healthy, so how are you going to do it? 

Instead of waiting for these resolutions to be made after the new year, 15 of our students accepted the challenge to adopt the Paleo diet and lifestyle 100% for 5 weeks over the winter holidays… when most people give up or give in to holiday treats and gain 10#s we as a group, a team lost over 110#!!!  See for yourself:

For those of you ready to achieve these new year’s resolutions, get healthy, lose weight, optimize performace and live Paleo now, make a point to be at our Food As Fuel class on Monday January 24th at 7pm!! Rearragne your schedule, bring the kids, and do whatever you need to do to make it. This class will be the difference between achieving your goals and making the same resolution again next year.