Athlete of the Month

 This month we would like to regognize our first sibling
“Athlete of the Month” Tina Vange & Marc Lutz

Tina was one of my very 1st students @ Globo Gym in October 2007. She had just had her 3rd beautiful little girl and only wanted a little instruction on some machines. 
She quickly learned about CrossFit and INTENSITY = RESULTS. She dropped the baby weight plus another 40 lbs. Tina trains 2x week and another day at home.

After seeing such great results she asked if I would meet with her brother Marc who was at his heaviest weight in the summer of 2008 around #300.  

2 years later and #80 lighter Marc did it the hard way, through CrossFit training 3x week, running and eating “Paleo”.
He has had to buy a whole new wardrobe and now rocks a large CFS shirt and size 34 fight shorts. This weekend he will be running in the P.F Chang 1/2 marathon and we wish him the best.

No crazy diets, gimmicks or magic pills. No excuses, complaints or obstacles. Both Marc and Tina have become part of our family.
Tina took my son and I to our 1st Coyotes game and Marc has joined us at our home for numerous UFC fights. He might even be joining us for SEALFIT next month.

So the next time you see this brother and sister in the gym make sure you give them a high 5, you guys are AMAZING!

Coach Luke Kayyem