“Anything in life is possible if you make it happen” Jack LaLanne

When I first met Chris LaLanne nephew of Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne in 2000 we were both personal trainers working for a globo gym in Palm Desert California. Small world Chris had just graduated from San Diego state and was already friends with my wife Najla. Sharing the same core values and having a passion for changing lives we became close friends instantly. We were both inspired by healthy living and were given the title “Future of Fitness”. In October of 2007 Chris called me and said “Bro you gotta check out CrossFit.com”. Three years later we are the fittest on earth and we owe it all to the original CrossFitter “Jack Lalanne” the Godfather of fitness. Creator of the health club, exercise machines, clean eating, personal training, coaching, motivational speaker and All American Super Hero. The Jack LaLanne show was one of the first brodcasts on national television. He wrote books, made videos and loved to entertain.

When I met Jack in the groom of Chris’s wedding he wouldn’t stop singing all weekend. He told me everyday he eats eggs and salmon, fresh fruit and veggies. Then he turned to his wonderful wife Elaine and asked her to pour a glass of white and red wine together.

Jack’s motto of helping people to help themselves feel better, look better, and live longer not only rubbed off on Chris and I but the entire nation. He showed me what a fitness professional should be and that you must “Lead by example”  Jack promoted living long through healthy lifestyle habits. He ”Helped people to help themselves”. One of my favorite LaLanneisms ”Exercise is king, nutrition is queen, put them together and you have a kingdom!” I still use today. He was, is and always will be the most inspirational man on the planet and I take pride knowing I am doing my best to do the same.  

“Jack LaLanne”
For time:
1,000 Pull-Ups
1,000 Push-Ups
4 person teams.
(Jack did this solo in 1 hour 22 minutes)

“Anything in life is possible if you make it happen” Jack LaLanne




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