Got White Band?

by: Hallie Flood

When most people were shopping for presents, at a Holiday party indulging in the season's treats, or at home watching the latest on T.V a unique community came together to support a group of athletes who's only goal was to walk away with their WHITE CrossFit Scottsdale Level 1 band!  Congrats Frank, Brad K., Brad S., Geoff, Traci, Melissa, Laura W., Adam, Bret, Marisa, Chris N., Brandon P. and Tyler for achieving the status of a CrossFit Scottsdale Level 1 student.  You were the first group to be held to the higher standard of an 80% pass rate. 
"Lead by example" and help the new student aspire to your level.  For all of you who came out, you are a unique breed by far.  Your drive, passion and heart will let you accomplish anything you put your mind to. Coach Tiffany