Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to our Co-Athletes of the month Jennifer “Jenn D” Donovan & Brandon “Slo Mo” Nee

These outstanding students have not just worked hard and pushed themselves past failure but they both have gotten the taste of competition. Jen has jumped into this sport head 1st competing at Fury, Barbells for Boobs, Rx Challenge and again she will be showcasing her skills this weekend at Flagstaff. Brandon has been digging in to his after school strength program and has seen significant gains in all of his lifts. He had a great showing in week II of the Rx challenge and is showcased as a top contender in the Southwest competition in February.

More important is how both of these different athletes carry themselves in and outside of CrossFit Scottsdale. If you have not yet met either of them please take a second and introduce yourself. Good luck this weekend! Coach Luke