Yay Burpees,
One of the motivational tools used by World Renown Olympic Lifting Coach and CrossFit Coaching Legend Mike Burgener at this past weekend’s Olympic lifting certification at CrossFit Scottsdale. Coach and his team of 4x world class coaches spent the weekend teaching 32x students from all over the globe including 10x of our very own and our entire CFS coaching staff.

The words STANCE+ FEET+ POSITION were used frequently to train our minds before our bodies on proper technique. Never lifting more than a barbell all weekend fundamentals were the key focus. “Form before strength and body weight before barbell” were great quotes in our quest for perfection. “Speed through the middle” was drilled in us to learn why we practice the “Burgener” warm up and the skill transfer exercise.

So what does all this mean to you? It means that all 5 of your CrossFit Scottsdale Coaches have learned one way, the same way, from one of the greatest coaches this sport has ever seen so that we can teach you how to “Snatch, clean and jerk” at any and all fitness levels.