RX Challenge Part 3/3. King & Queen Of The Gym Get Crowned

Congratulations Jeff Brennan and Melissa Einbinder for taking the reins of King & Queen of the gym for the Winter RX Challenge. The rest of you now have a rabbit to chase. You have a few more months to train hard and set a goal to compete in the Spring. Every one that participated in the CrossFit Scottsdale 2010 Winter RX Challenge did a phenomenal job, pushed themselves harder than ever before, learned the strategy of competition and became a better athlete because of it. After reviewing the teams score cards and times, it quickly became apparent that we have a new breed of star studded athletes that can be competitive at a national level. Both Mel and Jeff will receive their RX Challenge trophy and the rest of the competitors will be recognized for their efforts at the Holiday Picnic Party tomorrow.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the judges, helpers and instuctor trainers that made it possible for the athletes to practice competition and maintain games standards (Ashley, Don, Hallie, Maria, Jazz, Stu, Larry, Laura, Jedi night).

Now for the WOD’s…The programming and scoring didn’t favor anyone. The athletes never repeated a movement throughout the challenge. It was a true test of who is best at all of it..met con, gymnastics, and Olympic weightlifting. 3 weeks, 6 wods, 21 different movements.

So Are you proficient in these  21 exercises?
Double Unders
Pull Up
Dead Lift
Push Press
Sit Up
Lateral Jumps
Kettle Bell Swing
Plate Carry
Tire Flips
Wheel Barrow Push
Muscle Ups
Wall Balls
Ring Dips
Squat Snatch
Handstand push ups
Box Jumps
Games Push Ups

Part 3
WOD #1 For Time:
Tire Flip (150M/75M)
Wheel Barrow lap (185#/115#)
Muscle Up (4/2)
50 Wall Balls (20#/14#)

WOD #1 Male/Female Results in order:
1. Chris Tommarello 7:59/Melissa Einbinder 6:37
2. Brandon Nee 8:18/ Jen Donovan 6:49*
3. Luke Kayyem 8:51/Tiffany Divelbiss 8:27*
4. Jeff Brennan 9:14
5. Skip Divelbiss 16:25
6. Ken Galinski 9:30*

6 Minutes. As many reps as possible in a minute of the following movements:
Ring Dips
Hang Squat Snatch (75#/45#)
Hand Stand Pushups (1 ab mat women)
Golblet Squats (55#/35#)
Box Jumps (24″/18″)
Games Push Ups

WOD #2 Scores Male/Female Results in order:
1. Jeff Brennan 135/Mel Einbinder 138
2. Luke Kayyem 134/Tiffany Divelbiss 115
3. Chris Tommarello 115/Jen Donavan 102
4. Brandon Nee 94
5. Skip Divelbiss 82
6. Ken Galinski 75

1. Jeff Brennan/Melissa Einbinder
2. Luke Kayyem/Tiffany Divelbiss
3. Brandon Nee/Jen Donavan
4. Skip Divelbiss
5. Chris Tommarello
6. Ken Galinski

Each participating athlete can pick up their series of score cards at the gym. Put them in your Success Journal, one day you’ll look back on them and think “damn, I was in good shape”  and a few of you might look at them in a year and say to yourself, “wow, I’ve come really far since then.”  Keep up the great work team CrossFit Scottsdale!

~Coach Naj