Countdown to the Team Paleo Challenge

Team Paleo Challenge starts in 8 days.  You need to be ready to go on November 13th to completely commit to eating a Paleo Lifestyle.  So here are all the details:

The Dates:

Pre Challenge Food as Fuel Class November 8th at 7pm-Come get all the details and get your questions answered about the Paleo Diet and the Team Paleo Challenge.

Challenge Starts November 13th 8am- Team assignments, measurements, and pictures.  9am-Challenge WOD
Challenge Ends December 18th 8am-final measurements & pictures.  9am-WOD Finals

Team Paleo Approved Food List:

The list is in the back of your Success Journal.  If it’s not in there it will cost you a point and is not paleo. 
Laughing Giraffe, Paleo Women granola, Verve,egg protein and coconut water have all Paleo approved ingredients and are approved for the challenge.
Recommended supplements: Vemma &  Fish Oil
Good Paleo references:,
Recipes: Paleo Cookbook (see tab on lower right hand side of the CrossFit Scottsdale website),www., and  recipes section of the CrossFit Scottsdale website are a good start.

The Details:

You are given 3 points per day.  Each item, piece, glass, spoonful, bite or crumb that is not on your list costs you a point.  There are no negative points. The lowest possible points for the day is zero.  You are responsible for keeping track of you food and your points for that day in your success journal.  Be prepared for random checks from any coach.  No success journal costs you 1 point.  You will need to turn in your total points for the week each Sunday through email to your coach.  Point totals for each team will be posted to the website each Monday Night.


The wining team will receive a combination of cash and prizes.  The winning team will be determined through total percentage of improvement in all areas (WOD, measurements, pictures) and total points.  So remember that if you lose a point you are losing a point for your team as well.

This will be the best gift you give yourself going into the holidays!  Get signed up in the gym today!

Spring 2010 Paleo Challeng Winners