Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to two of the most courageous, outstanding, wonderful people I know. It has been a pleasure coaching Stu & Alison from barely walking and 50lbs overweight to running a mile and loosing 45lbs. Both Stu & Alison have made NO EXCUSES. Each with different goals and reasons for reaching them have shared one common thread. 


This last Saturday was the perfect ending to an outstanding month for both of these athletes. Stu ran in the “Chariots of FIRE 5K” competing in the advanced category and hours later entering the “Barbells for Boobs” charity event and hitting a personal record and finishing in under 5x minutes.
Alison not only ran a mile without stopping she did it in 15x seconds less than the preliminary 5K last month, and with her dog Daisy.
We are all so proud of both of these students for coming so far this last year. When you see them @ CFS stop and give them a huge high 5 and tell them how outstanding they are.