Unknown & Unknowable

Welcome to the week of the Unknown & Unknowable. Every wod this week will NOT be posted to our website or Facebook until the end of the day. Why you ask? Because we truly do not know what the day holds for us…. work, school, play kids, life and CrossFit. We do know it’s not going to be easy, hard work pays off and team work helps everyone achieve more. So go into your week with a positive attitude, ready for life’s obstacles and make it fun. If you don’t like something in your life, change it and make it better, stronger, brighter. Take a different road to work, eat at a new restaurant and make something happen. If you have a GOAL written on our wall put a date on it and get it done.  We will be posting the Top 3 scores for both men and woman each day so get to class early, warm up actively and stretch after every class. For those of us competing next week at FURY work on technique and form  not strength or speed. Go hard on Monday/Tuesday run a 5K Wednesday and take Thursday/Friday off with an active rest, push up/sit up/run. Take care of your hands and get 6-8 hours of sleep all week. We will be carpooling from CFS on Saturday @ 06:30. Spectators and alumni are welcome.