HELP! I am lost in the center aisles and can't get out!

Is this you?  Is grocery shopping something that stresses you out?  Do you wander around the aisles wondering what is ACTUALLY good for you and what you should avoid.  Have you been doing Paleo and been getting bored with your grilled chicken and salad? Do you wonder why some foods/brands are better than others?  How can you get the most for your money?

If ANY of these apply to you…Run, don’t walk, don’t smell the roses, don’t stop to pass GO just get yourself signed up for the CrossFit Scottsdale Trader Joe’s Grocery Store Tour this Saturday at 8am!

Meet at Promenade Trader Joe’s on Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd
7555 E. Frank Lloyd Wright
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Cost it $15
Students can bring a non-student family member or friend for free
Coach Tiffany will take give you the ins and outs of shopping, reading labels and hunting and gathering you way through practically Paleo eating.

Trader Joe’s is providing reusable bags and a treat.


CrossFit Scottsdale “Little Hero” Peyton at Trader Joe’s

 Coming Soon:  CrossFit Scottdale TEAM PALEO CHALLENGE 
Nov 2010