Congratulations Team CrossFit Scottsdale Jeff Brennan, Matt Blanton, Brian Gubernick, Atim “MO” Augustus, Ron “Goldie” Mc Clendon, “Camaro” Chris Tommarello, Brandon Peyton, Skip Divelbiss, Ted Sweeny, Ashley Peck, Mike Mc Linn, Melissa Einbinder, Jen Donovan, and Ilana Fisher. Your performance, teamwork and spirit drove everyone in the right direction, up. What an amazing event by our friends at CrossFit Fury. The competition started with a 5K run and over 200 people racing. 65 of them were also competing in the CrossFit portion and immediately finishing the run had to complete as many burpees as possible in 1 minute. Our very own Mel had the top female time with 20:45. After a short break and the kids fun run. The 2nd WOD was announced a couplet 12,9,6 repetitions of a clean & jerk/chest to bar pull ups #145/95. Then the cuts were made and the Top 24 athletes moved on. This included 7 of our very own more than a quarter of the competition Jeff Brennan, Matt Blanton, Mo Augustus, Brian Gubernick, Luke Kayyem, Melissa Einbinder and Ilana Fisher. The final WOD was a chipper that began with a 1200x row/3-5 15″ rope climbs/20x handstand push ups/20x front squats #185/110 and finished with a 400 meter run with a #45/25 plate. This Top time went to Jeff Brennan with a stunning 14:42.

CrossFit Scottsdale had 5 athletes in the Top 15 including Mel placing 3rd overall and Matt in a tie for 3rd place overall and Brennan finished in 6th place. More importantly than the scores was the support that our school had not only from our own but from everyone in the crowd including Fran Brennan, Al, Justin, Stu, Tiffany, Amanda, Roger, JAZ, Ashley, Brandon, Jill, Erica, Michele & Riece, Kanon & Camille, Eileen, Jedi, Carolina, Nate Dog, Maria & Dwight, Steph, and Team Mom Najla Kayyem. If I forgot to mention anyone please let me know ASAP. Remembering again the purpose for this event, giving back to those who selflessly sacrifice the most, with everyone’s help $5400 was raised for the Travis Murphy Family. Competitors next up CrossFit Flagstaff competition Dec 4. All of the standings can be seen here at Fury Fundraiser.