Fueling "Hell Week"

Alright you’ve gotten this far…six hours down and four to go but you haven’t seen the worst of it yet.  It’s Hell Week folks and you need to fuel yourself properly to survive!  Here is a quick check list for you:

1. Protien..eat more! You are working out more and will be needing more essential amino acids.

2. Carbs… eat the right kinds.  You will need vital nutrients from fruits and veggies. Use sweet potatoes to get more fuel for the extra work you are doing this week.

3. Fat…here is your energy source soldiers!  Eat nuts, seeds, avocados and olive oils.  Eat more than usual, enough to feel satisfied but don’t eat the whole bag:)

4.  Fish oil…take more.  You will need the .75g/10# of body weight dose this week since you all are “banged up”

5.  Water, water and more water.  Be sure to be hydrated, it’s still the desert and it’s still hot out.  At least 1/2 you body weight in ounces.

Be thankful that YOU have control of what you fuel your body with vs these: