The Orange Band

What makes you work hard?  What makes you show up to class an hour early and run 2 miles after class? What drives you to push yourself beyond your limits?  What gets you to CrossFit Scottsdale at 7pm on a Thursday night to run 2 miles and do 50 pull ups in under 20 minutes/25 pull ups in under 25 minutes….do 10 BW/3/4 BW Clean and Jerks and 10 3/4 BW/ 1/2 BW Overhead Squats in under 10 minutes…. AND do 50 burpees in under 4 minutes? 

For 5 Students on Thursday night it was the CrossFit Scottsdale Orange Band signifying passing the Level II test.  Passing requires completing all 3 parts of the test and represents the next level of skill and strength needed after passing the Level I test.

Congratulations to Jen D and Mo for passing Level II and earning your official Orange Band!  Such great example of hard work and discipline paying off.  You are the newest Level II leaders. Wear it with pride.

Justin, Don and Branson-you all came very close and know exactly what you need to work on to crush the next test in November!  You all gave it a 110% and it was inspiring to see your determination and willingness to test yourself.  Your Orange Bands are waiting for you.

Everyone pushed themselves hard and would not have been able to do so without the support of their fellow students who came out to cheer their friends and fellow crossfitters on. It is the community and camaraderie that makes all the difference!

So who is next?  What is your goal?  What will make you work hard?  Post to comments.

~Coach Tiffany