Kids on the Rings

Body awareness?  How much do you have?  No, I don’t mean what you look like in the mirror.  Body awareness is how well you can feel your body move and how you understand the movements your body makes.  Think about your squat…are you going deep enough?  How do you know?  Can you feel it or do you need to look in the mirror?  Our body awarness changes with new movements and skills but always increases with practice.  For our kids, their bodies are constantly changing and are fairly new to them so body awareness is a constant challenge.  Gymnastics is an integral part in the training of CrossFitters and requires not only body awarenss but total body control as well.  Gaining good awarness and control of your body is critical in our development for proper movements throughout our lives and truly gaining confidence knowing that you can do anything!Today our CrossFit Scottsdale Kids get introduced to the rings to challenge their awareness and control of their body.

CrossFit Scottsdale Kids WOD

Warm Up:
L-sit Hold/Shuttle Run
Knees Up/Shuttle Run

Skill: Getting on the rings

WOD: AMRAP in 10 minutes
30 single jump ropes
10 second ring hold or 10 attempts
10 bench dips
5 push ups