The Level 3 Test at CrossFit Scottsdale- “The Mental Game”

Adjectives to describe the test; Miserable, Long, Difficult, and the “Unknown.”
By: Jeff “Sarge” Brennan

I started at CrossFit Scottsdale in October of 2009 for the purpose of testing for the SWAT team and getting in better shape.  In my line of work I don’t have the opportunity to stretch out before a foot pursuit followed by a fight (possibly for my life).  Train hard, fight easy…

My strengths are:  mental toughness, heart, and the desire to win.  I don’t want to be second to anyone and I don’t give a shit if you have more training than me.  There are plenty of people who have better genetics, and/ or Olympic technique…but when its “gut check” time I have the mindset to keep pushing and getting stronger.  I thrive off of other competitors getting weaker during a WOD…it makes me stronger to see people break.  The more I CrossFit the more I realize how much of a “mental game” it is.

Improvise, Adapt, and overcome.

Be prepared for anything and everything.  The Level 3 test encompasses heavy weight and Olympic technique with little to no rest. With the Level 3 test you don’t have the opportunity to know what you are going to do next until you’re 98% done with that prescribed exercise. 

So how do we look at this test and see whether or not an individual passed?  Do we do it by a total number of reps, or mere “respectable” completion?  

One thing that I completely agree on is keeping the test a secret until you have to absolutely come out and tell everyone because so many people have taken the test.  The idea/ philosophy behind the Level 3 test is not being “prepared” or warmed up.  There is no “WOD” management, just raw output.  Challenge yourself as a human and see what you’re capable of 

Congratulations Jeff “Sarge” Brennan on passing the CrossFit Scottsdale Level III Test