"Hall of Fame"

“Hall of Fame”

Charles “Buddy” Schultz
was born 9/19/1950 in east Cleveland, Ohio. A 3x sport athlete in high school Buddy was the last pitcher in the state of Ohio to pitch two consecutive state championship winning games on the same day. In 1968 Buddy and the Shaw High School Baseball team won the state championship. Buddy excepted a full scholarship to Miami, Ohio and won 17 Games as a starting pitcher. One of those games he struck out 26 batters in one game still holding the NCAA record for most strike outs in a game. In 1972 he was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 6th round. He spent 5 seasons in the majors playing for the Chicago Cubs and St.Louis Cardinals calling Scottsdale his home since 1972.. This week he is being inducted in the class of 2010 greater Cleveland sports hall of fame and next month he will be inducted in the Miami University athletic hall of fame.

More importantly is what Buddy has accomplished off the field. In 1991 he started Arizona Baseball Charities with one mission so that every child in Arizona can play baseball on a safe field. In 19 years ABC has raised over $4,000,000 for kids all over the state.

I first met Buddy and his love of life Toby Schultz 3 years ago and since have become more than friends or clients. They are my Godparents and before I ask anyone about a major decision in my life I ask Uncle Buddy. One of the very 1st things he told me that I will never forget is that “There are two rules in life you must always remember: Rule #1 It’s not what you know, it’s who you know and rule #2 is never forget rule # one.” Knowing Buddy has opened doors for CrossFit Scottsdale in ways I never could have imagined and for that we are all grateful. I now have the privilege of sitting on the board of directors for ABC and see the fulfillment of raising money for children in this state because they need our help. Each year we host our annual Jump rope a-thon where all of us have an opportunity to help kids and get in shape. Last year we raised over $12,000 and with your help we want to reach $20,000 next year.

So what does it take to be Hall of Fame great?

“The most important thing I can offer another is to inspire, the most important thing I want from another is respect. The most important philosophy I admire is Winners have results, losers have excuses”

Buddy Schultz

“Hall of Fame”
400x Run
3x Rounds of:
26x Finger Tip Push ups
26x Toes to bar
26x Hang Squat Clean #95/65
400x Run