CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga…do one thing a day that scares you

Yoga can be intimidating. When I first started practicing, I had no clue about the breadth and depth of yoga. I didn’t know the difference between Childs Pose and Karma…. and don’t even get me started on Sanskrit and yoga class etiquette. I avoided attending a yoga class until I had a few months of practicing to DVDs under my belt. When I showed up for my very first yoga class, I found myself worrying about keeping up.

What I love about CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga is that it makes yoga approachable to the beginner without overwhelming him or her. Classes are small and allow students to move through the poses at their own pace based on their own ability. It offers a solid foundation for any yoga beginner by including the following information: Sanskrit and Hatha Flow basics, benefits of a regular yoga practice, tips for avoiding injury during your CrossFit WOD’s or yoga practice, and yoga class etiquette. The CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga program is designed to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and muscular endurance complimentary to the needs of a CrossFit athlete. Work on stretches and forms that will improve hip mobility, shoulder flexibility, and over-all well-being in a relaxing and rehabilitative environment.

For those of you who are looking for a more direct route to yoga-land, join us at CrossFit Scottsdale on Friday’s at 4:30 pm, for a body weight CrossFit WOD and some yoga.

~Katie Welborn
CrossFit Student and Yoga Instructor