Open Gym Sunday September 5th 7am-10am

Okay everyone; take advantage of this because it will probably never happen again. This Sunday we are going to open up the gym from 7am-10am for people to come and work out. A film crew will be doing live weather shots throughout the morning to promote the 9/11 event and we would like people to be able to come and work out during that time. We will be organizing some mini WODs for people to do every ½ hour. There will be coaches here to give tips on movements that you may need help with, but this will not take the place of a skill lesson. Whether you are looking for that first muscle up, double under, kipping pull up, or you just want to work on your Olympic lifting, this is your chance!  So come on in for an hour or three, WOD, work out, and practice, practice, practice!