Forging Elite Fitness 2 Years Later….

On Saturday evening we celebrated with our friends and family 2 years of CrossFit Scottsdale. It seems like just yesterday when we moved in to our current location, one year later we are stronger and more focused than ever. Thank you to Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane, The North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, Calisto Bistro, Cruz Tequilla, lululemon athletica our students, friends, ambassadors, CrossFit Scottsdale Connections members, local business’ and community members that attended our Anniversary Party and Celebration. It was a fun time and a huge success. Through the raffle, we raised close to $300 for Arizona Baseball Charities (6 kids now have equipment to play Little League this season). We also took a few minutes to recognize our students and community. Here is a recap of the awards given:

CrossFit Scottsdale Team Awards (voted on by the student body):
Best Attitude: Hallie Flood
Best Teammate: Dwight Peck
Best Dressed: Erica Picard
Best Undressed:  Ted Sweeney
Best Burpee: Ilana Fisher
Best Pull-up: Melissa Einbinder
Most Burpee Penalty: Marguerite Robinson
Best Smile: Tia Wise
Best School Spirit: Bob Hisle
Best Form: Nick Rini
Most Intensity: Matt Blanton
Best Legs: Jill Haaser
Sweatiest: Paul Zetah

CrossFit Scottsdale Super Hero Awards (CrossFit Kids):
Zachary Schawelson
Amanda Weber
Paxton Tatum
Laura Weiner
Rachel Weiner
Kanon Kayyem 
Hanna Vange

Coaches Awards:
Show Up Don’t Quit: Jeff Zuhl
Most Improved: Alison Nocks
Student of the Year 2010: Myrna Atha
Most Dedicated: Marc Lutz
Spirit of CrossFit Scottsdale: Don Wong
Most Determined: Dani Moudry
CrossFit Scottsdale Old School: Richard Shields

Students training at the gym for a year or longer. If you weren’t at the party, see a Coach next time you’re in.

Myrna Atha
Brett Bartlett
Stephanie Binch
Matt Blanton
Reed Connally
Skip Divelbiss
Liz Farnlof
Mike Gillis
Natalie Gillis
Bill Gold
Tom Gorman
Brian Gubernick
Bob Hisle
Katie Hunt
Kristen Johnson
Shannon Johnson
Jon Kaufman
Reem Kidess
Raj Kukunoor
Tracey Latham
Marc Lutz
Dani Moudry
Betsy Nagy
Alison Nocks
Erica Picard
Tom Rietz
Marguerite Robinson
Zachary Schawelson
Richard Shields
Chris Tousley
Devra Tousley
David Tousley
Tina Vange
Mark Verhamme
Erin Wellendorf
Mike Wellendorf
Sean Whiteman
Tia Wise
Don Wong
Jeff Zuhl