Your Family Is OUR Family

For me, it has been that same old story, “I’m too busy being a mom to really take care of myself.” It hasn’t been until recently that I realized that wasn’t “the same old story” but really a big fat excuse. There was no getting around it. On my way to CrossFit Scottsdale for the first time, I was secretly thinking, “Well, I just don’t know how this is going to work if I don’t always have someone to watch my son.” When I walked in and met Coach Luke Kayyem he gave me a little tour and brought me to the “Tank.” It’s a little area for kids to play while their parents work out. I was thrilled!! This actually spoke volumes to me. The coaches at CrossFit Scottsdale really care about their students and will do whatever it takes to give them their time to better themselves! My son has a great time at CrossFit and I get the time I need to take care of my body and health, interact with other adults and genuinely enjoy myself! We all would do anything for our kids, but to be the best for them we need to take care of ourselves, and CrossFit Scottsdale brings all that together! “


Hallie and her son Peyton

Hallie in Jan 2010 with a 115# push jerk PR

Hallie in July 2010 with a strict shoulder press of #115