Chipper Challenge Finals

They came. They saw. They conquered.

Four weeks of chasing weaknesses paid off in a big way today as 47 athletes attacked the Chipper Challenge event with confidence and intensity. From the first 700m row to the last handstand push up, the strength and skill of our students was on display for all to see… and there were plenty of people watching. Friends, family, fellow students and even a few members of the Moon Valley swim team lined the outside of the course and filled the seats and benches. There was cheering, coaching, and even a little smack talking. In the end, 9 winners were crowned and one lucky coach finally meeting Pukie. Congratulations to our Matt B, Mel, Mark V, Maria P, Ryan M, Jenn “the Situation” D, Mike W, Kim B, and Lindsay B. You are all proof that hard work pays off.


 A special thank you to all the judges and volunteers who helped make this event so special. We could not have done this without you.

E-W Erica 16.25 Tiffany 17.25    
I-M Ryan M 15.17  Ali A  16.35    
I-M Ashley P 16.35  Scott H  15.46    
I-M Kevin 16.23 Josh V 17.37 JAZ 17.04
I-M Brandon R 18.06 Patrick D 15.19 Roger Z 17.26
I-W Claire O. 12.37 Jenn D 11.34 Ashley U. 12.07
I-W Hallie 15.23 Ashley R 12.52    
I-W Julie K 14.23 Rhiannon 13.58 Traci E. 14.30
I-W Jenn B 15.50 Lindsay B 17.10 Jessica 16.55
B-M Joey F 16.33 Mike W. 14.54 Justin B 18.09
E-M Matt B 13.16 Luke 16.12 BG 14.19
E-M Ted 16.36 Dwight 18.19 Paul Z 16.50
E-M Skip 17.21 Branson 21.45 Don 18.17
A-M Mark V 16.45 Chris T 19.13 Mike G 21.26
B-W Kim B 10.42 Erin W 11.02 Alison 13.20
A-W Erin H 12.28 Maria P 13.55 Mel (E) 14.16
A-W Natalie G 15.30 Myrna 14.49 Dani 16.08