Athlete of the month

In today’s Law Enforcement it is all about functionality. Being involved in CrossFit Scottsdale has prepared me for that type of training. CrossFit has reduced my level of injury due to the fact that my body is not shocked by the movements and exercises. Working in law enforcement if you are ahead of the game physically, it will be much easier mentally. Stress levels will be reduced and you will be able to focus more on your job. 

In the bigger picture ,once in the field, there is a high probability of many dangerous encounters.  Being in top shape gives you a “Officer Presence” that will most likely make someone think twice about assaulting you, running from you or challenging you.  In Law Enforcement we are trained to WIN and SURVIVE no matter what! There is no defeat or give up.  CrossFit tests my mental strength and pushes me to levels that I may have not know I had. So in a life or death situation, the better you are prepared physically and mentally,  the greater chance YOU GO HOME AT THE END OF YOUR SHIFT which is what it is all about.