A New Level

Through rain, sweat and over 40 cheering voices… 7 students recieved their “orange” band and the title of a Level II CrossFit Scottsdale student.  Congratulations to Ted, Dwight, Paul, Maria, Mel, Carl, & Skip for passing the test!  For Pops, Branson and Don-now you know just how close you are to your “orange” band.  I am so proud of all of our athletes that competed and the friends, family and fellow students who came out to see the famed Level II test, making it our largest to date.  We are a community and it showed!  We are a tight nit group that thrives on intenstiy and is always looking towards what is next.  The next level, the next PR… how much can I do and how hard can I push myself! As Paul finished his 3/4 BW Overhead squats with less than 5 seconds on the clock, all of us erupted in cheers and new that at that moment a new level was reached.  So what’s next????  What is in store for the mysterious Level III?  Keep pushing yourself… and maybe you’ll find out. Coach Tiffany