“Flex” Those Muscles

The intense hero WOD’s programmed this week and the resulting soreness I know we are all feeling serves as a perfect backdrop for bringing up every CrossFitter’s favorite tenant, flexibility.   The CrossFit Journal Article by Roger Harrell, Stretching and Flexibility, points out that flexibility does not come with strength training but that in fact strength training without stretching can lead to a dramatic reduction in flexibility.  Taken to the extreme (aka CrossFit hero WODs) lack of flexibility can actually result in the loss of high-performance function (think overhead squats).  So basically intense training without proper stretching as a counter balance will lead to a deterioration in performance.

So what do you as a CrossFitter need to do?…Commit to stretching daily if not multiple times daily.  Even a couple of daily but short 10-15 minute stretching sessions will lead to increased gains in flexibility and ultimately gains in performance.  As a CrossFitter you need to stretch everything but additional attention should be paid to the shoulders, core and hips.  Our CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga classes are designed to pay special attention to the areas and will give you ideas for stretches that you can easily incorporate into a daily routine.   Classes are offered Wednesdays at 6pm and Fridays at 4:30pm conveniently before the new strength class.   So come flex your muscles as often as you can.

Coach Katie

Guess who's more flexible...