Always make your bed, brush your teeth, SMILE, kiss your Ma & hug your Dad, LOVE, wash your hands. Always bring a gift “wine or flowers” when you have dinner at someones house, say please and thank you, say your prayers, wear a seat belt, CRY, learn to cook, LAUGH, never get more tattoos than dad and never date someone with more than you. “When in Maui” take your shoes off and shut the screen. READ, WRITE & LISTEN to music~ all kinds from Country to Classical and all the crap in between.

TRAVEL. Be thankful every day about every thing and every little thing. Learn to play an instrument, cuz Mom & Dad don’t and GIRLS LOVE IT! Don’t be a smart ass or a stupid one either. RESPECT. Be a kid for as long as you can and then have kids and become one again. Don’t pierce your ears, ever. SWIM, SURF, SKATE, snowboard, wake, ski, jump, flip, dive, walk, jog, run, lift, stretch and play every sport you can and respect every player you play against. Give 100% all the time and you will be great at anything. Eat your fruit and veggies. Not cause we say to but because they taste so good. LIVE, LOVE and learn in Hawaii for some time in your life. Never buy a boat, a timeshare or a nightclub. “Trust me” especially the same summer.
TIP, raise dogs, donate. Have PASSION for something, anything, everything. Live in different cities, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Hawaii but not as many as I have. Don’t talk too much. LEAD, follow for a little while and then lead again. TEACH. Relax, GO YANKEES, LAKERS and RAIDERS no matter how bad it gets.


Always call home on Mothers day & Mom and Dads Birthdays. Always come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. “Your birthday and New Years are your’s the rest are Mom’s. Tell Dad your proud of him when he wants to loose #10 lbs for his 5oth birthday and ALWAYS tell your Ma she looks like she lost 10#s every Birthday.

Written for Kanon Kayyem 6/06