"What happens NEXT" Life after the Paleo Challenge

So you cut out your favorite Kettle One Lemon Drops for 6x weeks or you switched from Frappachinos to Americanos. Whatever it was it worked. Your leaner, meaner and more aware of the crap you put in your body. Now what? No… not the pizza, wings and cold stone you had Saturday night to celebrate the end of your prison sentence. But how do you move forward? I for one decide how extreme I want to live my “Paleo” or “Practically Paleo” lifestyle. I only eat grass fed beef  (when I cook) I eliminated all dairy (except for ice cream 1x week) and I try to eat meat, vegetables, little fruit, nuts and healthy fats (olive oil, avocados) at every meal. I know that I can maintain this sane lifestyle every day. I also know that when needed (60x days out from competition) I can HTFU and get extreme for MAX results. *Never in my life have I been stronger, leaner and faster than I am today because of CrossFit and Paleo. I have also learned what battles I choose to fight (no dressing on salads ever and only water at retaurants) leaves me to decide if I want dried mango and cashews for dessert.

What works for you? Your family, business, pocket book and lifestyle will all be different. Just remember everything in moderation… including moderation. It’s o.k to fall off your routine and have cookies and milk. Just don’t let cookies and milk become your routine. As I left Costco today after a grocery store tour with a neighborhood CrossFit family. I realized just how many opportunities we have to eat junk and that it’s readily available everywhere. At the entrance they were selling sodas, juice (contains zero juice) and sugarade AKA Gatorade. At the start of every isle they handed out samples of pasta, cake, bread and cheese. Then they try to trick you and have cool shiny boxes that say low- fat and sugar free. Ha… Do they think we are all fools? Yes they do! Not anymore. We have just released 50x CrossFitters into the world with the knowledge and mental strength of a 6x week Paleo competition. Prove these food and drug companies wrong and eat good whole foods daily. Stay healthy, fit and happy into your sixties. Feel better, sleep better, perform better (everywhere) and Look better naked.

Coach L.K

“It does a body good”