Paleo Women Granola…for Men Too

CrossFit Scottsdale is now carrying  a delectable array of Paleo Women Snacks & Granola. Paleo Women was developed and launched by Chef and CrossFit fanatic Laura Keenan in March of 2010 because of the lack of Paleo style snacks out in the marketplace. Paleo Women creates “Paleo Style” Granola’s meaning, recipes designed with our cave dweller ancestors in mind. 

“Women” refers to our female ancestors who “Gathered” nuts, seeds, berries, fruits, spices & natural sweeteners – so men these are treats for you too! The snacks are all natural, wheat & gluten free so for celiacs & vegetarians who are searching, the snacks are quite a discovery. For those looking for great snack fuel or post workout treat, you’ve come to a delicious place!  Available now for your Granola pleasure we have: Apple Crisp, Cacao Nut, Banana Nut Crunch & Cappuccino Crunch Granola’s.  Anyone who has tasted these Paleo pleasures has been very pleased indeed. For those of you in the Paleo Challenge, these snacks can double as a breakfast option as a cereal (try it with Almond Milk). Try them, I promise you’ll love them, even my kids can’t get enough…

Coach Naj