Paleo Protein

So you did it. You took the plunge and went head first into the paleo challenge. Awesome. Perfect. Fantastic. Now what?

We at CFS want you to achieve your paleo goals and we want to do everything we can to support you. So when you spoke, we listened:

“I want to look like superman, but my schedule is more like Clark Kent’s.”

“My ancestors were less hunter and more gatherer.”

“My energy level is closer to a hibernating bear than the caveman that hunted him.”

On the paleo diet, protien is key. While we all know that real food is the most important part of our diet, sometimes we need a little help meeting the protien demands of our CrossFit lifestyle. With that in mind, CFS is now selling egg protien for $35. That’s right folks, the same brand you find at supplement stores is now avaiable for $35 at CrossFit Scottsdale. Ask a coach how you can get yours today.