Dani Moudri's Transformation…what a difference 9 months makes

I was introduced to CrossFit Scottsdale a year ago, at a time in my life when I was facing many challenges that I honestly did not think I would get through. I was down and out.

It started out that I was given this (CrossFit Scottsdale) as just something to do. Now, it is so much more…

CrossFit has given me confidence. After doing some of the workouts, I go out and face any challenge with a smile. I just got through a tough workout, what can be harder than that?

There isn’t anything that I can not accomplish if I just put my mind (or body) to it.  CrossFit has also made me a stronger person, both mentally and physically. I walk tall now. I am a strong, confident woman and I want the world to know it. It has been an amazing transformation. One that I am grateful for every day. Before starting at CrossFit Scottsdale I could never run a mile, I am proud to say that this year with the support of my teammates and the Coaches I was able to complete the Pat Tilman Run (4.2 miles).

September ’09: 175 lbs —-May ’10: 145 lbs  (30 pounds down so far and 4 dress sizes)

~Dani Moudri