CrossFit Scottsdale Clothing Exchange

So while some of you are in Vegas, Havasu or just hanging by the pool enjoying the Memorial Day weekend  I am cleaning out my closet for the CrossFit Scottsdale clothing exchange!  I am so excited get rid of  the multiple sizes of clothes that I have as I have kept them on hand “just in case”.  That cycle of going up and down in sizes and weight has stopped and I am not going back.   

I know that many of you are in the same situation.  You hold onto clothes just in case and then it’s no big deal if you go up 10lbs because you’ve got another size in your closet.  Clothes that you are comfortable in.   CrossFit Scottsdale has changed me in more than size and shape.  It has taught me to not settle for comfortable and always strive to be better at everything I do.  So today is the day.  Today I am making a statement by cleaning out my closet.  I am never turning back.  There will not be a “just in case”. 

The end of the Paleo Challenge is the perfect time to pack up the clothes that don’t fit you and bring them into the gym.  So many of you have made amazing transformations and a lot of you would appreciate not having to buy all new clothes.  On Saturday June 12th at 11:30am you will have the opportunity to exchange clothes with your fellow CrossFit Scottsdale students.  Whatever is leftover we will donate to charity. Make room in your closet, get some new clothes and donate to charity, what a way to spend a Saturday. 

~Coach Tiffany