Pat Tillman Results

Congratulations to all 19,684 finishers in this years Pat Tillman Run. A special shout out to all of Team CFS. Once again you guys ROCKED the house. “Those guys are crazy” I heard a few times this morning. My Crossfit KIDS Dave & Paxton finished in one hour and my girl Alison finished her 1st race ever!

When we arrived back at the box the 9am class was finishing off the “42” and gave us a huge welcome that made  us feel like Gladiators. So for a few demented individuals who enjoy long runs carrying heavie loads and PAIN we decided to join the 10am class and … “Oorah” The 1st times are todays, the 2nd are last years and the 3rd is todays “42”. Enjoy your weekend and get ready for what’s next… Coach

Luke carrying  #80 sand bag 52:48/27:45/21:15
Nathan carrying  #80 sand bag 1:00:30/     /23:18
Jeremy carrying #40 sand bag 50:27/     /36:55
Aaron carrying #40 sand bag 45:48
Peter wearing #20 vest 37:22
Dwight wearing #20 vest 38:52
Branson wearing #20 vest 41:11/     /28:11
Melissa wearing #10 lb vest 37:36/     /20:01
Matt pushing #200 man in a wealchair 43:08
Sara pushing Charlie in the stroller 47:59

Alison Nocks 2:20:10
Kristy Coup 38:15/39:01
Brian Coup 44:25
Bob Hisle 35:54
Chris Hisle 34:13
Erin Harkey 32:52
Scott Harkey 40:56
Sonya Quiz 44:30/39:01
Steve Quiz 31:39/33:04
Ted Sweeney 32:30
Jane Borman38:49
Roar 33:33
Chris Culiver 1:06:43
Hallie Flood Culiver 1:06:43
Lindsay Bartlett 36:27
Jeff Zuhl 58:00/56:25
Ashley Peck 37:29
Dani Maudri 47:00
Patty Negro 46:59
Chris Tousley (Pops) 45:14
David Tousley 1:01:19
Paxton Tousley 1:01:19
Tiffany Divelbiss 39:29/40:19
Skip Divelbiss 45:24
Kaufman 38:52
Paul 29:27
Lisa 42:26
Roger 32:27
Shawna 42:44
Julie 42:52

If I missed anyone please email me your time.