G.P.P General Physical Preparedness

Many times athletes will get so caught up in the idea of trying to get stronger that they forget about everything else. They may work out every day, feel strong and think that they’re in great shape, but they can’t walk across the room without having to stop and catch their breath. This is puzzling to the athlete who has put in so many hours of training to be in “such great shape.” Many injuries happen because one variable is left out, things begin to stagnate, and soon after that the athlete gets hurt. This is where General Physical Preparedness training (GPP) often can help. 

GPPtraining serves several functions: 1. The formation, strengthening or restoration of skills which play an auxiliary, facilitatory role in sports perfection. 2. As a means of educating abilities, developed insufficiently by the selected type of sport, raising the general work capacity or preserving it. 3. As active rest, assisting the restoration processes after significant, specific loading and counteracting the monotony of the training. These functions define the role of the general-preparatory exercises in the athlete’s training system. The most common way GPP is applied is through body weight exercises such as squats, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, jumping rope, box jumps, pushups and sit ups. So todays W.O.D is called the GPP.


400 Meter Run
Box Jump 20x 20″
Jump Rope 500x singles
Push Press 15x #75/55
Thruster 15x #75/55
Wall Ball 15x #20/14
Hand Stand Hold 70 seconds
Burpee 20x
Squat 80x
Sit Up 65x
Push Up 40x