CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga class added…See you tonight at 6pm

Katie and Kanon
At the beginning of many yoga classes students are asked to set an intention for their practice for that day. The intention can be anything from staying focused on what is occurring on one’s mat instead of worrying about all the things going on off the mat out in the world. It could be trying to use that day’s practice to work towards a greater degree of linking movement with breath. Or an intention can be as simple as to try to smile throughout the entirety of the practice despite the challenge of the poses. This act of setting an intention is what many believe separates yoga from pure exercise.

CrossFit also utilizes intentions to separate itself from traditional exercise. Every WOD has its own intention whether it be a chipper for time, a Tabbatta for reps, or lift for max weight. In CrossFit as in yoga we are always working to achieve beyond just physical results. You have an outlet in which to strive for something more while being held accountable. Our CrossFit Scottsdale community provides an amazing opportunity for supportive accountability. I encourage you all to share your goals and intentions both physical and personal with your fellow Scottsdale CrossFitters and coaches. You will find a unique support network no matter what the goal may be. It could be to survive Army bootcamp, to do your first unassisted pull-up, to open your own business, to lose weight, to be a more patient parent or to run a marathon. At CrossFit Scottsdale you receive so much more than just the push to achieve physical results.

When I began coaching the CrossFit Scottsdale yoga class my intent was to share my passion for yoga with the CrossFit Scottsdale community in the hope that I could contribute to building more well rounded athletes. I am very excited about adding a second weekly CrossFit Scottsdale yoga class Wednesday nights at 6pm. I am thrilled by the opportunity to take my intention further. I am excited to reach new students and take other students to a new level. This class is open to new students and all levels. Thank you CrossFit Scottsdale for supporting my intention. See you tonight in class. Coach Katie