Hatha What? Bikram Who?

I have been asked by several CrossFit Scottsdale students what the differnces are among the various styles of yoga.  Yoga is a centries old Eastern born philosophy that was originally designed to help practitioners achieve spiritual enlightment by bringing balance to the body and clarity to mind.  Like a Scottsdale cougar yoga has received several cosmetic adjustments over the centuries which has resulted in numerous yoga options that strive to meet the divergent needs yoga students.  The Yoga Journal article Not All Yoga is Created Equal does a good job of explaining most of the major types of yoga and the differnces between them.  Here is the link if you are interested.  http://www.yogajournal.com/basics/165  Sumits yoga which is native to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area is not mentioned in the article but is a yoga practice done in a heated room that combines Bikram, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa.

CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga is based primarily in hatha yoga which focuses on different yoga poses combined with breathwork.  But like CrossFit, CrossFit Scottsdale yoga has no problem borrowing from any type of yoga practice that will lead to greater overall physical balance and ultimately better CrossFit athletes.  The class is designed to round out your workout regimine for the week.  If the week’s WOD’s placed heavy emphasis on shoulders then CFS Yoga will include several shoulder openers.  The squat position and hips in general are foundational in CrossFit so naturally all classes are designed to open the hips and increase flexibility.  CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga is another take on yoga designed specifically to meet the needs of CrossFit students.

Richard Yoga