Enjoying the Moment

Yoga at its essence is a moving meditation designed to help a practitioner use their breath to become fully present in the moment.  That sounds awesome but what the heck does that really mean?  For me it’s a constant struggle to really understand and live this concept as I am sure it is for most drawn to the fast paced, competitive and constantly changing nature of CrossFit.  In my life, being fully present is the struggle to observe, accept and appreciate where I am without any judgment. 

In CrossFit it is my reminder that every WOD is a new moment and chance to leave everything else at the gym door and give all I have today in this moment while accepting where I am physically and mentally for those 10-25 minutes.  The chance to compare time or reps will be there always be there.  Injury, soreness and fatigue will be there. Without a doubt a new WOD will be there tomorrow.  But during this WOD today and in this yoga practice today I can just work on being fully present.  Coach K.K
CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga (WOD) Workout Of the Day
10 minute (AMRAP)  As Many Rounds As Possible 
20 wall balls
10 toes to bar