"Dont give up on me"

Coach: Thanks for the “stop being a wimp” speech tonight…you are absolutely correct! I need to get my mind back to being tough and pushing thru pain and challenge.  As I get older (not that I am old….) I find it
harder and harder to work through injuries.  They seem to set me back more each time… My shoulder will be fine.
Being as competitive as I am it really pisses me off when I fold when the challenge arises… I simply will not allow that to happen anymore!  Stick with me. I have only been Cross fitting for 10 weeks now…I am
still learning as is my body how to improve, push, and extend my mind through the challenges we meet each day.
I promise I will stay positive, supportive, and strive to improve everyday… don’t give up on me…
Thanks again!
Bob Hisle