The PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon and 1/2: The Results Are In…

Congratulations Team CrossFit Scottsdale.  Another amazing athlete performance and support crew.


Official Times-
Kerri. 2:12:57
Jill. 2:00:22
Max. 1:52:45
Luke. 1:46:18
BK. 1:52:46
Jen. 2:06:49
Tia. 2:15:26
Steve Q. 1:56:21
Sonya Q. 2:09
Kristy Coup. 2:09
Last but not least the beast of the crew. Ted 3:57: (26 miles). Another great turnout.

Congratulations to you and thank you to all of the fans who came out to support us on a Sunday. Special shoutout to the Lululemon crew who always supports and inspires us.