The Hopper Challenge!


We train for the unknown and the unknowable. What better way to test our training than a Hopper Challenge. Here’s how it will work:

We will place 21 different WODs into the “Hopper”. Saturday February 6th we will spin the hopper and select one WOD. From 8-10am we will run heats of the selected WOD. Your goal is to do your best on the WOD selected. We will be scaling the WOD for beginner, intermediate and advanced so all levels are encouraged to participate.

21 days later we will redo the selected WOD. Saturday February 27th from 8-10am will be the “Hopper Challenge” Finals. You will have had 21 days to train crossfit style and see how much you have improved on the surprise WOD.

Prizes will be awarded for most improvement in Male and Female categories as well as fastest time/best score for the beginner, intermediate and advanced categories depending on the WOD selected. Prizes will be a free upgrade to unlimited training for 1 month and for our already unlimited folks you get your choice of some pro-shop merchandise or an extra private skill lesson.

This is the perfect way to test your skills and hit it hard going into the second month of 2010!

Only $21 to participate.
Sign up in the gym to reserve your spot!

Here is a video on the 2007 CrossFit Games Hopper WOD: