CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga Takes Flight

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CrossFit Scottsdale Yopga tripod

While there are many over laps between CrossFit and yoga, one of the most obvious involves inversions (ex: handstands and headstands) and arm balances. In my own yoga practiced prior to CrossFit these “flying” poses were a source of frustration. They were always the most fun to watch others do but I just could not seem to get them myself. It has only been since I began CrossFitting in conjunction with my yoga practice that I have been able to begin to master these poses.

In class I watch fellow students struggle with similar CrossFit gymnastics moves. The CrossFit Journal Article entitled The Russian Gymnastics Warm-up summed it up best.

“Most beginners, (especially ladies) desperately lack the ability to perform pull-ups and dips, while more advanced guys aspire to perform dead-hang muscle-ups, levers, free-standing handstands push-ups and planks.” The article goes on to describe a warm-up that was designed specifically to help athletes develop the body weight competency, flexibility and strength required to perform more advanced gymnastics skills.

One of the movements in the warm-up is the tri-pod. The tri-pod is the first step in yoga required to work towards headstands. With this as inspiration and with my strong desire to make gymnastics movements not only fun to watch but fun to do, Friday’s CrossFit Scottsdale Yoga class will begin to incorporate headstands. CrossFit Scottsdale yoga students will begin to take flight and hopefully see the results and benefits in their gymnastics movements.