"Best Dam CrossFit"

“So I have to share this with you. I went to CrossFit St. Louis today with my friend and afterwards, I kept thinking how much I like our CrossFit better, including the way you run the classes.  I was telling my friend that I was considering moving back to St. louis but I really love my CrossFit Scottsdale and don’t think I can leave it.   At that point, she did tell me I need to get some serious psychological help. But really, you guys are doing such an awesome job at welcoming people, helping us to collaborate, learning team work, and really pushing us to our max potential.  I have gone to 3 different CrossFit affiliates now and have to say you guys seriously have the best ran school of “Elite Fitness.”  I’m not just saying that either, I really believe it! I keep telling my friends in St. Louis that they have to come to my CrossFit class!  It’s way better. LOL  Okay, I’m a psycho, I know. but I wanted to share my opinion with you.”

Jill Haaser
CrossFit pix August 09 548