November Co-Athletes of the Month

Congratulations to Jeff Brennan and Ilana Fisher for being our November Athletes of the Month!

Ilana became a student right before we started the Paleo Challenge.  She jumped right into the challenge as well as CrossFit and saw some great results and become a force to be reckoned with.  She has topped the Leader Board in 3 major workouts as Rx’d and given Coach Erica, myself and the rest of CrossFit Scottsdale a reason to raise our game.  Awesome job Ilana! Look out CrossFit Games 2010!


Jeff B. took on a leadership role from day one.  He not only got some spots on the Leader Board and lead the pack in runs/WODs with the 20# vest, but would lead the crowd in cheering and coaching other students.  On multiple occasions you can see Jeff helping clean up after class and going on extra runs with the students.  Way to lead by example an be an amazing athlete Jeff! 

Jeff-atom kb swings

Both of these athletes have a positive attitude that is contagious.  They will fly through the WOD and cheer you on not only when they finish but along the way as well.  You both have showed us not only what great athletes you are but every time you are here we see your determination, enthusiasm and most of all team work. 

We are all impressed and inspired by you both!  Keep up the great work.

~Coach Tiffany