CrossFit Yoga

 CrossFit Scottsdale will now be offering a weekly CrossFit Yoga class on Friday’s at 4pm

There are those who would argue that yoga is the antithesis of CrossFit.  After all, it is a practice, not a work out.  In yoga the ultimate goal is deeper meditation through movement linked with breath, not the ability to move large loads, long distances quickly…And there is definitely no room for competition in traditional yoga practice.  So how then could anyone support the marriage of yoga and CrossFit?  The answer lies in balance.  Where as CrossFit emphasizes strength, speed, agility and endurance which require a mind body connection, flexibility and focus; yoga emphasizes a mind body connection, flexibility and focus which require strength, speed and agility.

“Yoga has been a part of my life for the last five years and thanks to my husband in the last six months I have been blessed with the opportunity to join yoga and CrossFit in my own life.  I credit yoga with helping me to survive my first CrossFit workout.  I firmly believe that my yoga practice makes me a better CrossFitter.  The flexibility that I derive from yoga has enabled me to avoid injury and recover faster.  Thru yoga, I have developed a mind body connection that makes it easier for me to tweak and adjust my form in CrossFit. And I know for a fact that CrossFit has improved my yoga practice.  In the last six months I have made gains in my arm balances and other poses that are a direct result of the WODs I do weekly.  In my own physical fitness and athleticism I am beginning to achieve a balancethat I did not know was possible and I would not trade the results for anything. CrossFit challenges an athlete to be prepared for anything even a practice whose values on the surface may seem to be counter to those of CrossFit”. 

-Katie Kunitzer
CrossFit Scottsdale Student (Level I Certified & Yoga Instructor)

 We challenge those of you who have never taken a yoga class to take on this new challenge, and see if you find greater balance and ultimately better results in your WOD’s (Workout of  the Day).  Each class will consist of stretching, body movement, body awarenance, balance, and flexibility exercises along with a 10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of body weight exercises only. See you on Friday’s at 4pm.