CrossFit Women's Only Class


Tune in to Sonoran Living live ABC 15 on 12/29 at 9am to see the ladies of CrossFit Scottsdale live on air to promote the new Women’s only class. The class will take place starting in January on Tues/Thurs at 9am and is open to all ages and fitness levels.

So, why an all women’s class?

-CrossFit WODs are quick. Finding time to exercise can be especially challenging for busy women and moms. Compare a CrossFit WOD to the typical hour or more of cardio or aerobics and then low intensity weight training.
-CrossFit is functional. Functionality is a missing component to many workout routines that women engage in. Ask any mother of young children though, how many times a day they lift loads from the floor or a low position (kids, car seats or laundry baskets). The dead lift and related lifts are training for this type of movement. How many times does a mother squat down during a typical day? Again, the point is that performing functional movements such as squats will only increase the ability to function more efficiently in day-to-day life.
-Women all over the world are finding that CrossFit, the fitness system that involves constantly varied intense training, is just what they have been looking for when it comes to toning and building lean muscle mass.
– You get results! It works, it’s empowering…and it helps that it makes you look and feel beter naked.
– Kids can come and you won’t feel uncomfortable if they cry or scream.