The Top of the Pyramid

CrossFit Pyramid

-By Brian Kunitzer (CrossFit Scottsdale Ambassador)

“Sport plays a wonderful role in fitness. Sport is the application of fitness in a fantastic atmosphere of competition and mastery… Sport in many respects more closely mimics the demands of nature than does our training. We encourage and expect our athletes to engage in regular sports efforts in addition to all of their strength and conditioning work.”

The above quote was taken from page 8 of the second issue of the CrossFit Journal. This quote was on my mind Saturday both during and after the CrossFit Scottsdale (CFS) community potluck at Northsight Park.

Saturday was a great day all around. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and all of the CFS students who showed up brought their usual great attitudes. (Who would have thought that 20 extremely competitive people could play a football game without  any major arguments or shoving matches). However, on Saturday night I realized that I have been so caught up in my personal and professional life that I have largely ignored the top of the CrossFit pyramid. Growing up I was always playing sports and going to the gym was simply an extension of whatever sport I was playing or training for. I still go the gym 4 days a week so why is it that I had not played a football game in over a year and I had not played a basketball game in over 4 years?

Judging from the comments I heard on Saturday I know I am not the only one who has ignored the top of the pyramid. We are in much better shape today than we were when we started CrossFit. We run faster. We jump higher. We lift heavier weights. The next challenge (and  I encourage all of you to join me) will be to apply the new me to the football field, the basketball court, or whatever sport I am fortunate enough to participate in. Because of CrossFit I feel like a better athlete, now it is time to get out there and prove that I am!

See you in class.