Paleo Challenge Winners!

The VOTES are IN!

Congratulations to Matt Blanton and Shannon Johnson for winning CrossFit Scottsdale’s first Paleo Challenge! Not only did you recieve a ton of health and body composition benefits, you won $200 each!  Not too bad for 4 weeks of eating.

Just eating meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds,  & fruit here is what they accomplished:

Matt lost 3.4 lbs, 7% body fat & 5 1/2 inches.  He gained 11.5 lbs of muscle!  His “Fran” time didn’t change but his first Fran was done with 65# and a green band.  He did “Fran” after paleo in 6:16 at Rx’d weight and Rx’d pull ups!  Awesome Job Matt!

Shannon lost 9.6 lbs, 1% body fat and 5 1/2 inches.  She lowered her mile time by 15 seconds and maintained her strength on the shoulder press.  Great Job Shannon!

As a whole the 36 participants of the Paleo Challenge lost 150 lbs and 35% body fat!  Congratulations to all of you!

Here is some of the feedback the participants gave:

What did you learn or what was the biggest result you experienced on the Paleo Challenge?

“To truly evaluate what I put into my body and how it fuels me for the day and even for the week, and how improtant certain food groups are to energy and general well being.” ~ Brett

“I learned that Paleo is not that hard. I am to the point where I am realizing that food is nutrition for my body…not a past time  that I need to indulge in everyday.” ~ Shannon

“Realizing how great I feel taking good care of myself helped me not feel defeated by food.” ~ Ilana

“I can eat with discipline and it doesn’t kill me.” ~Chris F.

“Eating Paleo and doing Crossfit are a high return on a minimal amount of investment. I not only feel better, I am also more productive in business and life in general. Paleo allows you to truly be in touch with what should and should not be in your diet. It was one of the most difficult diets to get started, but it was well worth it and I plan to continue the lifestyle.” ~Matt

Stayed tuned for the next Food Challenge in Jan/Feb 2010!