Paleo Challenge Finalist

So the numbers are in and the coaches have collaborated to determine the top 3 male and female contenders for the Paleo Challenge. It was very hard to choose since ALL of you did really well and improved in many ways over the last 4 weeks.

Congratulations to ALL of you first!!!!! I am truly proud of each and everyone of you for the positive changes you made and will continue to make after this experience. Remember this was only a starting point. What you do from here is what matters most. Feel free to email or call me to chat about what to do now.

How this works:
Email me with your vote for the male and female you feel deserves to win the Paleo Challenge.
We determined the top 3 using this criteria:
-Consistency in training
-Consistency in diet and logging in success journal
-Overall most improvement in all areas combined,
–body fat % decrease,
–lean muscle mass increase,
–decrease in times in the Mile and Fran
–increase in strength with the shoulder press
-Least amount of contributions to the accountability jar

Brett Bartlett–1.5lbs lost, 3.2% body fat lost, gained 4lbs muscle, lost 1 inch, decreased mile by 14 seconds and increased shoulder press by 10#
Matt Blanton–3.4lbs lost, 7% body fat lost, gained 11.5lbs muscle, lost 5 inches, lowered his Fran time.
Jeff Zuhl–11lbs lost, 1% body fat lost, lost 10lbs of muscle, lost 6.5 inches, decreased mile by 1:03 and increased shoulder press by 10#

Shannon Johnson–9.6lbs lost, 3.77% body fat lost, 2lbs muscle lost, 5.5 inches lost, decreased mile time by 15 seconds and maintained strength in the shoulder press
Ilana Fisher–3lbs lost, 1.2% body fat lost, maintained muscle mass, 3.5 inches lost, only increased her Fran time by 8 seconds doing harder pull ups.
Kristin Johnson–9.2lbs lost, 1.1% body fat lost, 6lbs muscle lost, 3 inches lost, decreased her Fran time by 58 seconds.

I have the before and after pictures as well as all the numbers so you can take a look when you are in for class to see for yourself. Please use the same criteria above when voting for the winner.

I started to do an honorable mention list but all of you ended up on it! So Congrats again and look for a Zone Challenge in January or February 2010!

Here’s to Paleo!

Coach Tiffany